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Discussions Concerning Al-Mahdi
Author(s): Ayatullah Lutfullah as-Safi al-Gulpaygani
Translator(s): Sayyid Sulayman Ali Hasan
Publisher: Qum: Ansariyan Publications, ۱۳۸۰ = م ۲۰۰۱.
Category: Imam al-Mahdi
Topic Tags: Awaiting Imam Mahdi
Person Tags: Imam al-Mahdi (a.s.)
Congress Classification: BP۲۲۴/ص ۲گ ۷۰۴۹۵۲ ۱۳۸۰
Dewey Classification: ۲۹۷ /۴۶۲
National bibliography numbers: م ۸۰-۲۷۹۲۱
This book Contains these titles:
BOOK ID؛ point؛ Introduction؛ Part 1: Shi’ism؛ Historical Factors and Shi’ism؛ The Shi‘a and Armed Uprising؛ Imam Ja‘far as-Sadiq & the Shi’a School of Thought؛ Before Imam as-Sadiq (peace be upon him)؛ Shi‘a Ideology’s Practicality؛ Shi‘a Positions with Respect to the Usurping Rulers؛ The Accusation of “Exaggeration” (Ghuluww) Against the Shi‘a؛ The Relation of the Shi‘a with the Mu‘tazilah؛ Part 2: Imamah؛ The Secret of Choosing the Imams؛ Allah’s Knowledge and the Infallibles’ (peace be upon them ) Knowledge of the Unseen؛ The Countenance of the Imams’ (peace be upon them) Conduct؛ The Limits of the Imam’s Leadership؛ The Number of the Shi‘a Imams؛ Principality of Reason or Narration in Specifying the Imam (peace be upon him)؛ Original Source of Belief in Imamah and Faith in The Appearance of the Twelfth Imam (peace be upon him)؛ The Qur’an and Messianism (Mahdawiyyat)؛ Belief in the Appearance of the Mahdi and Savior and the Appearance of False Mahdis؛ The Effect of Social, Economic, and Political Factors in Religious Thought؛ “Mahdi” in a Special Meaning and Technical Usage؛ Controversy Regarding the Date of Birth of Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten his return)؛ Consensus of the Shi‘a Regarding the Imamah of Imam Sahib al-Amr (may Allah hasten his return) after the Demise of Imam Hasan al-‘Askari (peace be upon him)؛ The Twelfth Imam’s Revolution؛ The title “Al-Qa’im” (The Riser)؛ Two Types of Occultation؛ The Miraculous Birth of the Imam of the Age (may Allah hasten his return)؛ Philosophy of the Delay of Reappearance with the Presence of Conditions؛ The Length of the Occultation and Difficult and Formidable Trials؛ The Principle of Grace and the Imamah of the Concealed Imam؛ The Issue of Bada’ (Alteration in the Divine Will) and the Tradition of Abu Hamza؛ Belief in the Return (Raj’ah) with respect to Belief in the Mahdi (may Allah hasten his return)
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M 80-27921
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